Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Style-List" 4 Pt 5: Jean shorts

Week 5

Jean shorts:

Jeans are the most versatile and casual of shorts. These are categorized as one's typical 5 pocket (2 frontal, 2 back and coin pocket) jeans but simply cut off at or above the knee to compliment the warmer climate. What makes Jeans very specific is their design. Therefore, aside from the pockets, they usually come with rivets to reinforce the change pocket and first left and right belt loop closest to the button closure.

They come in different washes, colors and weights of denim. Although they may come in other fabrics they must be true to the Jean design described above in order to be considered "Jeans" style or cut.

Can range anywhere from 6-9 inches depending on the look you are trying to achieve; considering the “inseam to footwear ratio” explain in Week 2 Chinos Shorts.

They can practically be worn with any pair of footwear imaginable. However, depending on the fit and cut of the jean shorts one should consider the “inseam to footwear ratio”.  

This has been my interpretation of the different categories of shorts and the different ways that I would style them. Of course fashion is like any other form of art and a matter of self-expression so none of these recommendations are by any means set in stone and presented to limit you but rather to serve as guidelines.

As always thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed…. Until next time….God Bless.

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