Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Style-List" 4 Pt 4: Cargo shorts

Week 4


Cargo shorts are categorized as any shorts having more than the conventional 4 pants pockets (or 5th change pocket if you consider the jean design). Cargos are usually recognized by their baggy side pockets which are great for placing your belongings and needs on your person while camping or going for long treks. As of recent, I have also seen cargos made in a slim-fit which come with non baggy but rather flat and pressed cargo side pockets; which are great for if you want to dress up a pair of cargos.

These can come in all kind of fabrics from cotton, linen to denim and different design prints as well; most commonly camouflage print.

Can range anywhere from 5-9 inches depending on the look you are trying to achieve (formal or casual).

They are usually baggy so they would not proportionate with slender shoes unless you are wearing a slim-fitted pair. These go great with ankle or high boots for a scavenger-explorer look. But can also be seen commonly sported with thong rubber sandals and different types of sneakers.

Next week is the last installment of this 5 part series. So until then, as always thank you for visiting and I invite you to come again next week as this series comes to an end.... Can you guess the last type of shorts??

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