Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stylist 5: Summer Pants Pt 2: Paisley Pants

Week 2

Paisley Pants:

Many of us may have seen the print pattern before on various garments but not necessarily familiar with its name; Paisley. Paisley is a print that is often used to make accessories such as pocket squares, silk scarves or ties. But as of late various brands have taken the bold step of transposing the print onto larger fashion pieces such as blazers, shirts, pants and outerwear.

Styling details:

I am wearing a pair of Zara paisley print pants which I purchased about two years ago (find a comparable pair here ) for a birthday party I was attending. The pants’ paisley print is comprised of a myriad of blue hues with hints of white. I coupled the pants with a light blue cotton H&M oxford shirt which has a double layered collar with the top layer being white as well as the cuffs and sleeve placket. The solid light blue shirt with the white accents compliment the pants by highlighting the very colors they share yet the shirt is distilled enough to not be too distracting and potentially take away from the pants; which is the main attraction.

For the completion of the outfit, I feel as though many may have thought to continue with the use of the dominant blue in order to play it safe. However, in order to bring out the pants more, I chose a different color to create a greater contrast to the already present blues. I accompanied the rest of the outfit with a cognac color blazer and pair of matching full wingtip brogues both from Zara as well (comparable pairs here or here ). It is a rule of thumb that a man is to always match his belt with his shoes (few exceptions best left to the more seasoned sartorialist to be executed appropriately). Lastly, accessorized with a pair of retro round burnt orange spectator sunglasses to top off the cognac colored pieces.

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