Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stylist 5: Summer Pants Pt. 3: Floral Pants

Week 3

Floral Pants:

After months of much cold and daylight deprivation; when I think of Summer, or more so Spring, I associate it with warmth, rebirth, invigoration and all that is brought about with the sun’s radiance. I imagine green and fuller trees along with flowers blooming. Flowers are a key theme in Spring and so its only logical that they have made their way into clothing as an attempt to capture and embody all the pleasantries that is Spring and Summer. 

 Styling Details:

I am wearing a pair of vintage J.Crew floral print pants which I purchased back in 2001 and recently tailored to better suit my build. The pants are a pale grey-blue with faded light blue floral accents (some comparable alternatives at Bonobos or Asos). I coupled the pants with a white Nehru collar and tuxedo bib traditional Indian Kurta shirt from Zara. I chose a white shirt so as to create a contrast with the pants but not necessarily take away from the main attraction. But what I like is that interestingly enough, albeit a white shirt, its design and cut garners its own attention. I purchased the shirt five years ago but since then they have been more readily seen and available today as the Kurta has become a very popular cut within the recent street wear. Lastly, I finished off the ensemble with my favorite and comfortable pair of black velvet slippers and topped it all off with a pair of retro spectator round tortoise sunglasses.

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