Sunday, May 4, 2014

Style-List 5: Summer Pants Pt 1: White Denim

“Summer Pants

As the Spring begins to slowly, very slowly, unravel, some of us begin to partake in Spring cleaning; Storing away any apparel that got us through the winter. We put away coats, wool sweaters and other heavyweight-dark color garments in exchange for the apparel with the colors and fabrics which help us stay cool.
Last year I wrote a five part article regarding the various types of shorts, fits and how to style them (See here). I received great feedback on those articles and although shorts are a way to keep cool, we may not always want or be able to wear them. Therefore, as a follow up I created a new four part article on the various stylish yet temperature appropriate pants options for the upcoming warmer months.

Week 1

White Denim:

By now many of us have heard, or experience, that black and other dark colors heavily attract the sun’s rays and heat. Therefore, one of the ways to keeping cool in the warmer months is by wearing lighter colors and lightweight fabrics. 

Hence, my first recommendation is white lightweight denim. Denim usually comes in different weights measured by ounces (oz). And so it is important to wear a weight of 7oz or less. Keeping them at a lighter weight means that the weave of the fabric is not as thick or tight and therefore allows for better air circulation.
Styling Details:

 "The White Rule" of fashion is that white should not be worn until after Memorial Day and the locked away on Labor Day. However, this is a fashion rule I do not really abide by since it never really made much sense to me. I like white, because like black, it is a neutral color that can match with anything. When used as a base color for any outfit, it has the ability to create a stark contrast to whatever color with which we decide to pair it off (giving each color their respective "pop") .

In my recent trip to the Caribbean, I wore a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren white denim coupled with a yellow rind pinpoint cotton Polo Ralph Lauren oxford shirt. And then I finished off the look with a pair of ALDO black velvet slippers and favorite vintage Versace shades.

Stay tune for the next installment in this four part series.

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