Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Style-List" 4 Pt 3: Bermuda & Capri shorts

Week 3


I have categorized Bermudas and Capris together because they are highly similar with only one subtle difference; their lengths. Bermudas are categorized as any shorts that go past the casual 8-9 inches inseam (whereas a formal inseam is usually 5-7 inches). And Capris also known as “cropped pants”, “three-quarter pants” or “clam diggers”, usually rest at either above, mid or below the calf muscle (not to be confused with high waters although you can probably play high waters off as Capris). They both have a real casual beach wear appeal about them. However, there is a big misconception that Capris are only for females. Although they might have first been sported by women in the U.S. they have recently become popular amongst more open minded and highly fashionable men (which are pretty correlated).
Bermudas and Capris usually come in all kinds of fabrics such as linen, light-weight cotton and denim. They usually also come with either an elastic waistband, drawstring or buckle closure aside from the usual button closure with belt loops.

They measure from above-mid-lower calf muscle and the choice is a matter of preference.
*These also serve well for men who may be bit self-conscious about their legs.

When I think of Bermudas and Capris I think of the beach so I recommend wearing them with:

Thong or leather strap sandals,
Low top casual sneakers; bulky or slender (if you are wearing them on “off-beach” terrain).

I would not really suggest wearing boots with these since their pant legs are long enough to touch the top of the boots therefore defeating the purpose of these shorts (might as well be wearing long pants).

Hope you all enjoyed. Stay tune next week for the last installment of the "Shorts" segment…. 

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