Friday, May 10, 2013

"Style-list" 4 Pt 1: Suit Shorts

"How to where them shorts.."

I was asked by a reader if I could demonstrate different ways in which shorts could be styled. Thinking it was a great topic; I took on the task. However, I decided to push it a bit further by taking the time to also categorize the different types of shorts. This way, I thought, it would be beneficial for men (and women who shop for their men) to better understand what they are shopping for along with the different ways to style them. Therefore, with the summer approaching, I will be taking the course of the next 4 weeks of May to post the 5 different categories of shorts and how I personally would style them.…

Week 1


Suit shorts would be the most formal of all shorts. They simply look like business dress suit pants that were cut and cuffed. I like to describe them as “business shorts”, basically what businessmen would wear to the office if the corporate world allowed shorts. I prefer to wear these when I feel like suiting up in the warmer months but may be a bit too warm to wear long dress pants.

They can be found in the same conventional polyester or wool of business suit pants. But considering that they are shorts to be worn in the warmer climate they more commonly come in light-weight wool blends along with more non-conventional dress suit fabrics such as: linen, light-weight cotton/chambray and as of recent even denim.

Preferably worn with a 5-7 inch inseam which is typically the inseam range to achieve a formal look.

Keeping with the consistency of the suit short’s formal appeal;
I would recommend they be worn with:

Slender and sleek round toe designed lace up shoes,
Penny or horsebit buckled loafers,
Or even velvet slipper-loafers.

All aforementioned footwear options would be worn without socks of course. But if you are not yet comfortable with not wearing socks then non visible super low cut socks would give you the same effect. While high argyle socks are also preferable for a more classic yet daring look.

And to “casual-ize” suit shorts, you can pair them off with leather thong sandals or low top canvas sneakers (i.e.: Vans, Converse or Polo). Since these shorts are to be worn with 5-7 inches inseam (which is relatively high) then I would not recommend bulky footwear for the sake of looking disproportional (unless that is the look you are trying to achieve).

Hope this read was informative while still enjoyable. Feel free to comment below or contact me for anything you may like for me to discuss or explained on here. Until next week, when I will be presenting the Chino shorts and what once and for all “Chino” actually means…. Blessings to you all.

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