Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Music Class" 3

 "Does your music still speak to you?"

Prior to the internet, the music we came to embrace was usually contingent on our location, what was available in that area or what we were exposed to by our families. Then, from amongst what we were exposed to or available to us, we chose the genre or artists (of different genres) that spoke to us. The music that carried us as it spoke to our highs and lows, our joys and struggles from youth into adolescence.

With a Hispanic background, I was exposed to Merengue, Salsa and Bachata; and yet what spoke to me just so happen to be Hip Hop and R&B. It was the musical voice of the youth in my location.

However, as we grow up and evolve into more responsible and socially aware adults our taste for certain things evolves as well.

Therefore, in an era where Hip-Hop and R&B music seems to be more and more different (for lack of a better word); seemingly less about talent and more about appeal. I find it important to support the talent, those that upgrade and push our minds and limits with their art form.

I am a fan of the not so brand new artist, Miguel (amongst other of course). However, not because of the way he looks and the way he dresses or presents himself (although that may be a factor as to who he may be as a dresser or person but of little consideration when his art has to do with the use of our ears). Therefore, I take him at face value for what his claim to fame is: Singing and songwriting.

Not only can he truly sing as seen in various live performances but he is also well-versed which is demonstrated in his music's content. I do not hear him degrading women, cursing excessively (if at all) or over-using profanity which I feel gives is music a sense of quality amongst other things. Having skills coupled with putting in work such as digging deeper to find newer ways of articulate universal feelings and experiences of the human condition is going to get you further than the rest. Its going to get you further then those talking about the same experiences and feelings while also using the same words to articulate them.

I understand that the human condition, for the most part, stays the same but if you express it as everyone else does, then how does your music feel personal? Without your personality, how is it then authentic?

Its important to know the difference between an artist and a pretender.

And the way you can tell the difference is by realizing which push your mind, touch your heart and move your soul (possibly even in to action).

 And this gentlemen just did that...

I usually dislike live performance because artists tend to switch up the style of my favorite songs and I could not see how he could make an already magical song better... but he did..

I always say if you do not like what's being played on the radio with regard to your favorite music then support those that you feel are preserving it for you (by calling in to your radio station and buying the artist's music).

Until next time... hope you all enjoy...

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