Sunday, September 7, 2014

Next Wave 7: Summer Kicks Pt. 4: Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers:

The Nike Blazer were first made in 1973 and initially designed as basketball sneakers. They were debuted by pro-hoop star George "The Iceman" Gervin. Eventually the sneakers sturdy grip caught the attention of skaters and became a staple in the 1980’s emerging skateboard frenzy.

The embracement of the Nike Blazers by the skater community gave way to the launch of Nike Skateboarding aka Nike SB. Irrespective of its hefty sole, the Blazers are an overall lightweight and comfortable sneaker. They come equipped with inner padding which is responsible for the light weight “walking on air” feel. Since its transition into a skater sneaker they now are manufactured with double stitching and more durable materials in order to meet the high wear and tear of skateboarding sneakers. Despite the current addition Nike has found the balance in order not to compromise the weight of the sneaker. The Blazers come in Hi, Mid, and Low-top designs which often carry a price tag of $54.99* or if you don’t mind paying a little extra to design your own here.

(*Price may range between female, male and children sizes as well as for the more expensive Nike SB and Nike’s “Premium” designs)

 Outfit Details:
Polo Ralph Lauren blue pinpoint oxford shirt
Gap Khaki shorts
Polo Ralph Lauren high tube socks
White Nike Blazers with black accents.

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