Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Mindset" 4: 7 of Everything

The Uniformity of 7:
Considering the evolutionary progress of my fashion soul searching that I thought I had made within my life as described in last week’s article (Mindset 3: Old Money, New clothes), I realized I still had no rhyme or reason to my way of shopping. Yes, I was learning new great habits such as organizational skills, emotional-money management (antonym of compulsive shopping), and ousting the old to finance the new. And yes, I understood that selecting the number 7 as my cap for the articles of clothing within my sartorial categories was a great idea. It meant 7 coats, 7 pair of jeans, 7 pairs of pants so on and so on; to the point where my slogan became “7 of Everything”. However, I came to realize that this all did little to help with what it is that I should be looking for when shopping to replenish my now newly emptied closet. As many of you may relate, I was use to buying an array of everything and although entertaining and fashionably free-spirited very little of it came together when I needed a specific look for a particular upcoming event. Sure I knew if there was a specific event what it is that I should wear and where to look for it but to do this for every event which arose could get ridiculously expensive and time consuming. So I came to admit that although I made some great strides, my way of shopping as I knew it was flawed and I therefore had to construct a shopping “plan of action”.
I was somewhat confused in finding my way and where I should start until I eventually came across an article on www.Valetmag.com which spoke about establishing a type of Uniformity across one’s style. The objective was that one must first establish their style or look. Next, the person would have to ensure that they thread that look throughout their outfits until it became their marquee. It was even more interesting when I heard a similar idea so simply put by Ryan Gosling’s character in the film Crazy, Stupid, Love when he is attempting to instruct Steve Carell’s character on style and women. I found it to be a brilliant simplistic idea although terrifying since I enjoyed my fashion free-spiritedness shopping and way of assembling outfits which did not confine me to any particular style. However, I came to the conclusion that as I was evolving as a man than so did my wardrobe and style of dressing..

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