Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who is Elias Cesar?

Pablo Picasso
     He has the hands of Picasso sculpting his latest masterpiece. He sees fashion as an expression of self; An autograph of sorts yet the penmanship changes to "suit" the day. He has a tenacity with his craft that never falters, viewing fashion as a way to find rainbows in rain. Draping fabric over a woman’s body in a way that curves against her every fiber and caresses her into dignified confidence. Aware at every turn in the urban oasis of New York City, people watching as he gathers inspiration from all those carving their own space here. Using the modern person as his muse, inspiration flows from his fingertips.

As a lover, I wonder how he would be? Seemingly like one who would need his own space and would need varied stimulation in rationed portions. Ah but when our bodies connected, the ancient Greek deities would call out as if sanctioned by Zeus.

We would make love in the mausoleums of Italy, frolic in the hills of Ireland, skinny dip in the Nile and watch the moon atop Mount Everest, sweetly cuddle and neck in the cafes of Paris as his sketches of new designs formulate a new book of poetry.

Who is Elias Cesar?

The Esoteric Fashionista!

Poetic Writing Courtesy of great long time Journalist and friend
Ms. Nandy M. of

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