Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Mindset" 2: Levis Perfect Fit

“The Perfect Fit?”

     I love women! Sorry, as I begin my first post about women's fashion I had to go ahead and say that. Women’s fashion can be very complex so as a designer it is very easy to ride on the fence of loving or hating it. Why? I believe that women’s fashion can be easy to hate due to its many intricacies and vast array of options which can become overwhelming for a designer. One of the many intricacies of women’s fashion is that it is very fit orientated where as men can get away with a “one size fits all”. As far as options women have a plethora of attire options (skirt, pants, or assortment of tops to name a few) and materials (sequence, rhinestones or lace) that are accessible to women’s fashion but not to that of men’s fashion (which us EF men will slowly and hopefully change).

     However, the very reasons that someone may dislike women’s fashion are the very reasons that a designer, as an artist, may like it because they can indulge in the endless creative tools. Like I stated before, one of the most important intricacies of female’s clothing is the fit. Growing up around many women and even to this day, I constantly witness and hear about the issues of the "right jeans". An example of one of these women jeans’ issues is the case of the “small waist, wide hips” and women trying to “shimmy” the entrance of the jeans over or below their hips because the jeans’ opening is made to fit the waist but the hips are wider than the waist. Then if a woman decides to buy the waist size larger in an attempt to remedy the issue then the jeans go over the hips but they then have an excess of material causing a gap at the waist area in the back. Therefore, I felt the need to write an article on a company that is making wave in attempting to resolve this problem. As I came across this phenomenon I wanted to present it to my fellow female Esoteric Fashionistas (or readers in general; men read up you may impress your girl friends). With no further adieu, I would like to take this time to present women with the Levi’s Curve ID.

     I think that Levi's is taking a step into a great direction by paying attention to the consumers' needs and attempting to resolve an age old dilemma. The consumers shouldn’t have to fit the mold that the brands have made but rather the brands should be tailoring to our needs, as the dynamic should be. It’s a shame that the more higher-end brands don’t seem to take the time or address issues such as the “small waist, wide hips”. I feel that sometimes higher-end brands equate to “higher noses” in that they feel that we the consumers should do as they say and not necessarily the other way around. When in fact we the consumer wield the future of their brands. Levi's is definitely a company that has been around for decades and will continue to do so with its forwarding thinking Mindset such as their “CurveID” project.

     The project began with taking a digital sample of 60,000 women and concluded that 80% of women fall under either one of three different fits: Slight, Demi or Bold Curve. Anyways, I’ll do less talking (writing) and allow for Mr. You Nguyen Sr.Vice President of Levi’s Strauss’ Women's Merchandising and Design to explain it best.

**This is a two part post in that I plan to select and treat (purchase) any three of my most avid female readers, a female per each size, so that they can test the jeans. They will try on the jeans for about a week or two and then follow up with me for a photo shoot with the jeans at the Levi’s photography studio in NY and an interview of their experience with their respective fits. So ladies please comment on this post if you are interested before its too late and you miss out. If you can't reach the designated accounts from the embedded links then you can find either account at the bottom of my blog.

Thank you all for reading; I hope this came of great help to both women and men. If there is anything that you may want me to address or write about feel free to contact me. And I might just do a post on your idea and credit you. Thank you once again. Enjoy!


Nandy said...

I appreciate your post about the Curve ID project. Kudos for tackling a common issue for most women today. The "standard" used to decide an average woman's proportions is very unrealistic. I actually got to hop into a Levi's Store quick to get measured and see which "fit" I am. I was curious as to what the Levi's stylist was actually measuring besides the normal bust, waist and hips. Was she just taking my dimensions? The stylist stated she was actually measuring my "shape"..
Although I am a little shaky on the exact formula from what I recall the measurements taken are subtracted from each other and the difference is a value that is then interpreted by a Levis to mean either of the three fits.
Unfortunately, time didn't permit me trying them on but she said I fell right in between the Demi and Bold Curve.
Anyhoo, It's great to learn about new choices available in the endless quest for the perfect jean. Denim, in my opinion is sadly overlooked at times and can make or break a look. A person who can rock their denim, is always the sexiest..

Marv said...

This is incredible! Finding the perfect jean fit is definitely a challenge, so although this article brings me some hope I still wonder does it really work? Patiently waiting for part 2 of this article to see the results.
Good job on bringing this project to light and staying on top of your fashion game for both genders. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I've always loved me some levis. I'm totally going to test these out...