Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introduction to the [Fashion] World.

My goal when getting dressed has always been to push the limits in men’s urban fashion. Whether it is at the cost of being ridiculed for my obscure trendsetting outfit or getting props for being the only confident person others felt could pull off such a visionary outfit. In my adolescence, when preparing for an upcoming soirée, I would peruse through different stores in hopes of discovering inspirational pieces to formulate a paragon concoction. I would get caught in a wanderlust where I would day dreamingly cultivate an outfit. An outfit so vivid that I could no longer remember if I had made it up or seen it somewhere in the distant past. I became tired of the men’s section only making up one-third of catalogues whereas the women’s section would comprise the rest of it (excluding the Home/Luggage sections). I have always felt that there was not enough experimentation with colors, patterns or even cuts in men’s urban fashion. So I declared to myself (and now also to my fellow Esoteric Fashionistas through this blog) that I shall attempt to invoke an influential progression in the way the masses view men’s fashion. Whether it is through the possible creation of my own fashion house, inspiring preexisting houses or lastly by simply being the twinkle in an upcoming artist’s [fashionista’s] eye.

      In conclusion, I believe that before that level of fashion can materialize (no pun intended) the mindset has to be reached first. A mindset of bountiful confidence. Once the confidently open mind to this occult sense of men’s fashion is present there will be a consequently and inevitable demand for the bar to be raised. So as a confidently edgy, no holds bar, colorful, fashion rules bender and overall unorthodox fashionista I am here to show that fashion is a form of self-expression. I am here to assist others in discovering their "fashion identity". Which should not be contained by the mere pieces, colors and patterns that are constituted by society as gender specific and therefore “appropriate”. My objective is to assist in breaking the box and letting the inappropriate fashion ensue. Now I know that I am not the only person that shares these thoughts and sentiments therefore we are a collected few that have this higher sense of vision, enlightenment and understanding that the masses may not conceive, therefore reject. Nonetheless, I call on these few men (and women) to come together in this grassroots movement towards this R-evolutionary men’s fashion shift and potential Renaissance. And to let this serve as an introduction to the world, the majority, of a fashion sense of a minority from a underground society known as The Esoteric Fashionistas!

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